Invitations for the 2016 RWU Appreciation Golf Tournament have gone out for our fifth annual event scheduled for Friday September 16, 2016 at the Fort Langley Golf Course.  Registrations are coming in fast and furious from both RWU members and invited guests.  Following golf there will be a banquet, a few speeches and thank you’s for all the work done by our valued Shop Stewards and Safety Committee Members.

The prize table for the tournament has grown every year and this year’s table is shaping up very nicely.

Below are some pictures of the fun and games had at last year’s tournament.

Right to left Don Crane, Viceroy Steward Local 580 Recording Secretary Keith Halovich, and Stan Guenther laughing or crying about partner Provincial Representative Shawn Lakusta's shot.  Luckily its hard to tell.


Hard to tell who is more surprised that the Local 517 Vice President and Rogers Shop Steward won something at the tournament. 


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