Dear members of the Retail Wholesale Retired Lives Association:

Please be advised that the next meeting for the Retail Wholesale Union Retired Members Association on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 is now CANCELLED due to the availability of the venue.  The church hall is currently under renovation and will not be available for the meeting.   The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 9, 2014 at 10:00 am.   

We look forward to seeing you in September.

IKEA is trying to force a two tier wage structure on its workers.  This seems to be a common proposal from the bosses.  Over the years the Retail Wholesale Union has consistently refused to even discuss such a proposal.  Please help out however you can to assist the Teamster workers at IKEA to fight back against this terrible demand.


IKEA in Richmond wants to lower the wages it pays its employees by imposing a tiered wage structure. More than 350 employees have been locked out by IKEA since May 13 of this year.

IKEA Richmond - Currently behind picket lines.
IKEA Coquitlam - No picket lines, but every dollar spent in IKEA Coquitlam is helping IKEA win the fight in Richmond.

Join IKEA workers at the Richmond IKEA location this Saturday at 11:00 am in a show of support for a fair settlement.
CLICK HERE for the Facebook invite and more details.


  1. DO NOT PATRONIZE either IKEA. Spending money in IKEA Coquitlam is helping IKEA win the fight with its employees in Richmond.
  2. VISIT the locked out workers on the picket line, and show your support.
  3. EMAIL IKEA management. Tell them you won't spend a dime there unless they back down from their demand for wage cuts for IKEA employees.


  • Teamsters Local 213 represents about 350 workers at the Richmond IKEA location.
  • Until 2007, IKEA Richmond had a tiered wage structure. The union fought for fairness, and eliminated the tiered wage structure.
  • IKEAs are owned centrally. Spending money at any IKEA goes in the same owner's pocket.

COPE 378

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

We are facing one of the most important elections here in BC in many years. The disgraced BC Liberals are trying to hold onto power by running one of the most negative campaigns in BC history. They have tried to turn this into a referendum on the popularity of leaders and have continually attacked Adrian Dix and the New Democrats although their own record in office is one of the worst ever.

The New Democrats will bring balance back to the government of BC. It is time that ordinary people were listened to again. There is more at stake here than the Liberals phony argument about the economy and the balanced budget and debt.

Just remember this government has been in power for twelve years and has run up the most provincial debt in the history of this province and we have lost 30,000 jobs since they launched their Jobs Program. The only reason the budget is balanced is because they say so, it has nothing to do with the true state of our finances.

You may have seen the Premier on TV last week with the President of the BCMEA. If you did not see it the BCMEA has endorsed the Liberals!

 Please make sure you get out and vote Tuesday.

ILWU Canada Officers